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Monday, August 23, 2010


I had the absolute pleasure of shooting this incredible piece of machinery this past weekend, fully customised with more Novitec Rosso goodies & carbon fibre you can throw a stick at! It sounds like beast and I'm positive it goes like stink too... maybe I get to go for a ride when the owner receives the complete set of images, crossing fingers! Thanks to Andre for joining me on the shoot and to Mo for organising!
For the time being these 6 teasers will have to 'cut the proverbial mustard'!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tasha & Samantha

A shoot I had with my beautiful wife and daughter a short while ago. They both have a very special place in my heart for their courage through the tough time they shared. Love you both very much!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Matric Farewell.

A few photos from a privately booked Matric Farewell I did for a clients daughter the weekend of the 31st of July. I'm very happy with the results and so is the client, which of course is the most important thing!
Must say that it did bring back memories from my matric farewell... I'd rather not say when that was though!!

They even had a Flying Squad escort to the venue... very good for avoiding any traffic problems apparently!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What happened? Cue flashback!

Well, where to begin actually, June and July saw me working two groups of ViP Castrol guests for the FIFA Soccer World Cup attending 2 games including the Final between Spain and The Netherlands. They got treated by Castrol to an incredible trip and experience in South Africa, especially seeing that for more than half of the guests it was their first time in the country!

Below a few photos of some of the activities the guests had the pleasure of enjoying.

Hot air Ballooning with Bill Harrops near Hartbeespoort Dam

The Final Event held by Castrol at Wits.

Elephant Sanctuary at Hartbeespoort Dam

Zip Line fun at Ama Zwing Zwing

Tour of Cullinan Diamond Mine

Two glorious but freezing days spent at Camp Castrol in Pilansberg Nature Reserve where the guests were treated to game drives, great food and camp fire stories told by National Geographic documentarist Hayden Turner.

Then came Game 52, the first game I was to attend with my Russian guests, played between Argentina and Mexico with Argentina the victors with a score line of 3-1!

The teams lined up for the respective national anthems.

Joy and elation as Argentina score their 3rd and final goal.

The ultimate game followed with my German guests, 12 grueling games later... Game 64, the Final between Spain and The Netherlands. Attending the Final as a South African was incredible to say the least and made me extremely proud of my country!

Arriving at Soccer City (don't care what FNB says) and walking towards the entrance of the Castrol Hospitality tents.

Shakira performing 'Waka Waka - It's time for Africa' live at the Closing Ceremony.

Those very cool looking Ellie's that came to the Soccer City waterhole!

A little Madiba Magic as Nelson Mandela graced Soccer City just after the end of the closing ceremony.

Lots of things also seemed to have gone a 'little' wrong just before the game was about to start, like the sprinkler system in the stadium going on and drenching quite a few press photographers and their gear, leaving them just a little upset!!

Most definitely the best action of the night was Jimmy Jumper trying to put a Spanish beanie on the World Cup Trophy and in the process getting his lights knocked out, with one slap, by one of those 007 suits guarding the trophy. You can still see 007 standing there like Mohammed Ali after knocking out Sonny Liston in '64!

A few action photos from the match, that in all honesty was almost like a boxing match with all the dirty play by Holland... 6 yellows and a Red don't lie!

The firework display after the matched finished and the end of my World Cup Campaign, was a brilliant 3 weeks!