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Friday, June 10, 2011

Silence of the Lambs...

Like the heading states it's almost been 2 months since the last blog update... hangs head in shame... and I feel like I've neglected the faithful few that made their way to the blog on a regular basis with the hope of seeing a new post and ending up empty handed every time and therefore I apologise and plan to not make this a habit!!

I had a very memorable maternity session with a incredible lady called Lethabo, we had loads of fun, laughter and tears during the shoot and the end results turned out great to match!

In the same time period I also added 5 more tear sheets to my editorial collection and hope to add a few more as time goes by.... felt incredible to see my name appear at the top of every article!

Editorial Tear Sheets - Images by Albie Bredenhann

... and finally to end off, Memory Lane Studios got contracted by SABC Baba Indaba to shoot all the entries for the Face of Baba Indaba at their Midrand show held at Gallagher Estate. 3 Days of shooting babies and toddlers and braving the freezing cold every morning in Midrand, but we ended up having a blast and got some incredible photos!

Baba Indaba Gallagher 2011 - Images by Garth Collins, Andre vd Veen, Angelique Atkinson

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So many exciting new things have happened!!

It's been almost a entire month since I last made a blog post, but so many things changed, got added and took off in Memory Lane Studios in that short time that this is the first time I have a breather to put together a blog post!!

Since my last post the studio gained a team member by the name of Garth Collins.... also better known to some as Granite form Gladiator fame.... a close friend of 17 years and fellow photographer whose work is now proudly displayed on the Memory Lane Studios website and will be showcased here on the blog too as new shoots and exciting happenings start taking place in the next few months.

I also got my big break in the editorial arena and started shooting content for two exclusive community magazines run by Famous Publishing and owned my Media 24. This would not have been possible without the help of a outstanding client and dear friend of more than 13 years, Ina Smith!
Since then my first editorial shoots' been published, 4 extra editorials have been shot, another lined up and a Cover shoot for the next issue today! I truly have THE best work in the world!!

So be sure to check in regularly from now on, as even bigger things are planned for the studio not to mention the top class work that will get produced and shared right here on the blog!

The first of hopefully many more editorial tear sheets I'll have the pleasure of sharing with you.

The newest Memory Lane Studios team member Garth Collins.... he also doubles as the studios debt collector so you have been warned!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Urbex photo featured on CRIT365!

I just had one of my Urbex photos of Kempton Hospital featured on CRIT365 in an article about the do's don'ts and dangers of this very popular pastime with photographers these days. Be sure to pay their site a visit and register if you want some honest critique on your images!

Image featured on CRIT 365.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Garth Collins Training Session Series. Back Session.

This is the starting point of a planned, and continuing, black and white fine art series that follows Garth Collins as he works through his individual body part training sessions. No real reason for the series besides giving me the opportunity to be creative, spend time with a good friend... and new studio crew member... and be inspired for my own training sessions.

I hope you enjoy these and the one's to follow!

Intense Mental Preparation....

Loading the pain....

305kg coming off the floor....

That's what you get for calling him a old man!

Finally ending off the session with a can of Monster Energy Drink

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Rocking 50's!

I just love the 50's, it's style, clothes, hair the cars and not to mention the 'real' woman that graced the pages of magazines those days! Keeping that in mind my wife and I decided to do a little 50's inspired shoot and these were the results.

Clothing by Woolworths & Makeup by Marina Jooste.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A compilation of some recent shoots.

I've had quite a few studio shoots in the last two weeks and instead of posting each one as a separate blog post I thought it would be nicer if all the recent photos got compiled into one big post.... let me know what you think?

First off, I had Anneline back in the studio for a Valentines shoot, always a pleasure working with her!

Joining Anneline for the Valentines shoot was Lana, turns out it was her first ever photo shoot!

Also in the mix was Liesel that a fellow photographer Nunique Studios shot in my studio. I played 1st assistant and couldn't help grabbing a few shots of my own in between!

More to follow a little later in the week!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mycitycuisine.org - A Traveler's Guide to Local Cuisine

I received a request recently for one of my Tomato Bredie photos on Flickr to be used on a new Wiki Project site called Mycitycuisine.org. It's a very interesting and extremely resourceful site on the multitude of dishes you might encounter while traveling abroad, definitely worth a visit whether you're traveling or not! Hopefully I get to add a few more photos to their project in future and in turn build on my own food portfolio!

Below a short description of the above mentioned site as quoted from their home page:
"What should I order?", an inevitable question faced by all travelers sitting in a restaurant, in a foreign country. MyCityCuisine is a project to create a free, reliable and up-to-date guide to the most original and tasty local foods from different countries of the world. MyCityCuisine is an open project, so we encourage everyone to contribute to it.

The photo that got requested.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Studio Session with Anneline.

Well wouldn't you know it, I can actually shoot something different to food and alcohol!
The studio session with Anneline was great fun, the results turned out great and hopefully I get to work with her again soon!
3 sneak peak shots from the session:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Food & Beverage Project 3 ~ Tomato Bredie

Finally I get to post another dish! Things just seem to never follow the schedule you set, but at least it's finally here!

The Tomato Bredie (also known as stew) was made from a recipe I found in a very old cookbook by Ina Paarman called 'Ina Paarman's All Colour Cookbook'  published in 1998, very easy, very healthy and tastes just as good!

The whole photo process was pretty simple & straight forward, the set up was done on the patio and one 580 EX II, triggered with Pocket Wizard Plus II's, were used to bounce some light of the ceiling and give the set up some nice even and 'diffused' light. I wanted the 'look' to be very rustic, therefore the use of the slatted wood table a log fire burning in the background and off course the good old bottle of chilled white wine. I found the flames of the log fire complimented the dish very nicely with similar hues of deep orange and red, all in all I'm very happy with the end result!

So for now the Good Food & Beverage Project will be put on Ice as I move on to the next project, The Retail Product Project.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seriously overdue blog post....

I am quite a few project shots behind in my blog posts, which I promised would materialize every Wednesday or Thursday, but don't despair this weekend I'll do 2 dishes with time lapse clips to make up for that!
So bookmark, follow on the blog and twitter, join the facebook fan page and check back, but don't miss it!