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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So many exciting new things have happened!!

It's been almost a entire month since I last made a blog post, but so many things changed, got added and took off in Memory Lane Studios in that short time that this is the first time I have a breather to put together a blog post!!

Since my last post the studio gained a team member by the name of Garth Collins.... also better known to some as Granite form Gladiator fame.... a close friend of 17 years and fellow photographer whose work is now proudly displayed on the Memory Lane Studios website and will be showcased here on the blog too as new shoots and exciting happenings start taking place in the next few months.

I also got my big break in the editorial arena and started shooting content for two exclusive community magazines run by Famous Publishing and owned my Media 24. This would not have been possible without the help of a outstanding client and dear friend of more than 13 years, Ina Smith!
Since then my first editorial shoots' been published, 4 extra editorials have been shot, another lined up and a Cover shoot for the next issue today! I truly have THE best work in the world!!

So be sure to check in regularly from now on, as even bigger things are planned for the studio not to mention the top class work that will get produced and shared right here on the blog!

The first of hopefully many more editorial tear sheets I'll have the pleasure of sharing with you.

The newest Memory Lane Studios team member Garth Collins.... he also doubles as the studios debt collector so you have been warned!