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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wine & Spirits Project III ~ Klipdrift Premium

I indirectly got set a little challenge from Seagram Pearce, after posting the last Wine & Spirits image, that I should try to achieve this in one shot without blending in Photoshop, well I gladly accepted!

5 lights in total was used, 2 Elinchrom Style Fx400's, 2x Canon 430EX's and a Canon 580EX II speedlight to get the end result. It took a while to get the studio strobes and speedlights to sync, but that was part of the fun and a good learning experience for next time!

I know this is posted a day early, but I did shoot a few extras and will be posting a new one on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Here is the end result.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wine & Spirits Project II ~ Drostdy-Hof

In the previous Wine & Spirits Project blog post I promised, or rather set myself a goal, to post a new project shot every Wednesday or Thursday, well, that was on Tuesday which left me just one day to set-up and shoot the new one, nooooo pressure!

I arrived at the studio this morning, looked at all the bottles of alcohol and glasses I had brought to the studio for this little project standing on the floor and two things just jumped out at me, a clear glass bottle of extra light white wine and my pink backdrop.... one 8 hour work day later and this is the end result for W&S Project Photo number 2!

Don't forget to check in next week Wednesday for another 'installment' of the Wine & Spirits Project... yet another challenge I'm setting myself, but this time I'm giving myself 5 days instead of one so I'm going to have to really out do myself this time!!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Liefling Die Movie Premiere

On the 10th of November I helped Photo Elements, a good friend of mines company, shoot the premiere of Liefling Die Movie, the first South African Musical in more than 30 years! The premiere took place at Emperors Palace and the entire NuMetro was booked out for the night and each theatre, thats 6 full theaters, were used to screen the movie to the select guests that evening.

Below are a few of the shots from the night, both at the premiere and the after party at Rhapsody's which only ended at 4 the next morning, for me anyway! 

NuMetro, Emperors Palace, venue of the premiere.

Red Carpet drop off entrance at Emperors Palace.

Main NuMetro screening theatre for the premiere.

Kurt Darren and Fiance Dunay Nortje

Willem J Botha (right) and Gert Wolmarans (left)

Paul du Toit and Clair Anderson

Paul Kruger and family.

Elvis Blue, Idols SA season 6 winner, and wife Cherize

Brumilda van Rensburg and Louise Moodie

Erik Harm Holm

Bobby van Jaarsveld

Regardt van den Berg and Jana Cilliers

Terrence Bridgett

Sonja Heroldt and Lika Berning

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wine & Spirits Project

This is a portfolio project I started that will cover a broad range of alcoholic beverage products in all sorts of advertorial scenarios both in studio, on location & with and without extensive photoshop work... although the latter will more than likely beat the former!

In the following 3 months there will be a few of these projects each one with a different theme that will include either products, food, fashion, cars or jewelry. I will be posting a new project photo every Wednesday or Thursday so keep an eye out for new ones being posted on my Facebook Fan Page, just click like right there ---------------------------------------->
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This is Numero Uno in the Wine & Spirits Project.

Not new, but one from the archives that fit the theme so well I just could not, not post it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fujifilm Professional Awards 2010 - Bronze Award in Architecture

So as the heading states I got awarded a Bronze in the Fuji Professional Awards under the Architecture category, needless to say I'm seriously happy and extremely honored for receiving it!

The photo was taken at the abandoned Orlando Power Station in Soweto, South Africa while out on trip with fellow urbexer's.