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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wine & Spirits Project II ~ Drostdy-Hof

In the previous Wine & Spirits Project blog post I promised, or rather set myself a goal, to post a new project shot every Wednesday or Thursday, well, that was on Tuesday which left me just one day to set-up and shoot the new one, nooooo pressure!

I arrived at the studio this morning, looked at all the bottles of alcohol and glasses I had brought to the studio for this little project standing on the floor and two things just jumped out at me, a clear glass bottle of extra light white wine and my pink backdrop.... one 8 hour work day later and this is the end result for W&S Project Photo number 2!

Don't forget to check in next week Wednesday for another 'installment' of the Wine & Spirits Project... yet another challenge I'm setting myself, but this time I'm giving myself 5 days instead of one so I'm going to have to really out do myself this time!!

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  1. Nice work bud, looking good!

    When u showing me how to do these?

  2. Thanks Bud! mmmmmmm maybe I should do some workshops like everyone else, what you think?