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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wine & Spirits Project

This is a portfolio project I started that will cover a broad range of alcoholic beverage products in all sorts of advertorial scenarios both in studio, on location & with and without extensive photoshop work... although the latter will more than likely beat the former!

In the following 3 months there will be a few of these projects each one with a different theme that will include either products, food, fashion, cars or jewelry. I will be posting a new project photo every Wednesday or Thursday so keep an eye out for new ones being posted on my Facebook Fan Page, just click like right there ---------------------------------------->
posted right here on the blog, so remember to subscribe and share, and last but not least on the Memory Lane Studios website.

This is Numero Uno in the Wine & Spirits Project.

Not new, but one from the archives that fit the theme so well I just could not, not post it!

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